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Kinoki Detox Pads



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Product Description

Kinoki Detox Pads is a foot pad that will remove the bacteria (toxins, nicotine, contaminated, formalin) of various parts of your body in just 8 hours of liquid form which you can see yourself. As a result, you will be released from various types of diseases like cancer, heart attack, jaundice, diabetes and other diseases.

What is the kinoki Detox Pads? :
USA’s CFI approved Kinoki Detox Pads helps to bring out your body’s toxin. Toxin is a type of toxin that enters the human body through food and environment. These toxins are accumulated in our body once a year, such as cancer, heart attack, jaundice, diabetes and other diseases. So grab it today and for your family.

Why Use:
Do we know that what we are eating every day is toxic chemicals and formalin How safe is the use of the cosmetics we use every day? Every day, the harmful screening of radiation from your mobile, computer televisions, etc., enters the human body. And every day, due to environmental pollution, smoking, alcoholism and dirt, human health is entering the health hazardous substances. It is possible to get rid of all such diseases through the use of Detox Foot Pads only

Who is KINOKI for:
(1) For smokers who want to get rid of nicotine from the body.
(2) Those who suffer from bron and eczema.
(3) those who suffer from jaundice.
(4) Those who want to keep in control of diabetes.
(5) Those who want to increase the fiber of Acne and Pimple by exposing the toxin.
(6) who suffer from sinus and headache
(7) For weak people, who are tired quickly.
(8) Those who want to eliminate toxic toxin inside the body.
(9) Those who have joints have pain, neck and back pain.
(10) Those who work hard in the dust.
(11) Those who are sleepy due to their mental thoughts.
(12) Those who have less sleep in physical pain.
(13) Those who are aware of health.
(14) Those who are old and sick.
(15) Those who walk in the streets.
(16) Those who want poisons toxic toxin to verify.

(1) Use KINOKI to reduce body pain, knee pain, waist pain and muscle pain, and make the body neat.
(2) Excess fat absorption in the body.
(3) Helps reduce blood cholesterol.
(4) Keeps blood pressure under control.
(5) Prevents black skin stains and scratches.
(6) Special beneficial for asthma and bronchitis.
(7) Keeps diabetes under control.
(8) Remove the problem of sinus.
(9) The solid individuality and the terrible I virus are found in liquid form.
(10) Clean the blood and run blood flow.
(11) Increases the efficiency of digestive devices.
(12) Exposes toxic nicotine from the body.
(13) To remove sweatiness and stomach disorders.
So use KINOKI to create a healthy vigorous life.

KINOKI detox pad should be used under the feet before sleeping at night. After 7-8 hours use will be opened.

This is an Organic Health Product, just for external use so there is no side effect. Take the doctor’s advice before using the condition below 18 years of age and in pregnancy.
There are 10 pads in one packet, 5 days can be used. 2 packets for 10 days for better results

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